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We are closed for the season. We can’t wait to Celebrate Life with you again. For more updates, please follow along with us on social media @NikkiBeachIbiza.


Dine & Drink

at Ibiza

Closed for the season

A restaurant with panache, Nikki Beach Ibiza features creative cocktails, local flavors and panoramic views across the Balearic Sea. Expect an eclectic combination of ambient chatter and soulful vibes. It’s a rosé all day lifestyle, frequented by jet-setters, influencers, pro athletes and movie stars!

11:00am - 8:00pm

T: +34 619 753 710

Pool Tables

Take your spot on a white sun bed or under one of the signature teepees and spend your days dining on delectable dishes, sipping Champagne and swaying to the beats of our resident and guest DJs.

At Nikki Beach Ibiza, the electric atmosphere is an all-day affair.

With carefully curated sharing platters, specialist mixologists and expert sommeliers, Nikki Beach Ibiza caters to foodies and oenophiles. While the restaurant can accommodate up to 320 people, the space is spread out and feels intimate.

Pool Tables


Burrata Caprese (V) (N) (G) (D)
24 ‎€

Burrata, basil pesto, cherry tomato, green tomato, kumato tomato, beef tomato, balsamic glaze, focaccia bread, red onion, extra virgin olive oil, rocket leaves, lemon salt

Avocado Garden (D)(V)(G)
22 ‎€

Local organic farm avocado, hummus, herb cream cheese, sesame seeds, smoked paprika, garden herbs, capers, shimeji mushrooms, pickled red onion, boiled quail egg, corn tortillas

Koh Sami Tuna Tartare (S)(D)
28 ‎€

Tom Yum spiced hand-cut tuna, avocado cream, garden herbs, baby ginger, tobiko

Sexy Salad (S)(D)
29 ‎€

Lobster, shrimp, crab meat, kanikama, avocado, mango, cucumber, field greens, tobiko, spicy mayonnaise

Summer Bowl (V)
21 ‎€

Quinoa salad, wakame, pomegranate seeds, papaya, goji berries, pineapple, edamame, roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, cucumber, carrots, organic honey and lemon dressing


Fruit Dish

Grand Fruit Plate

Local organic tropical fruit, lemon basil sorbet, spiced yogurt


(D) Dairy
Fruit Dish
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Nikki Beach Ibiza is known for its sun-kissed, chilled-out, barefoot chic vibes. Stay until the end of the afternoon and celebrate life with us!

A truly special atmosphere to truly enjoy the moment.

  1. Bite sized beauty
  2. Memorable sunsets
  3. Luxury lounging
Nikki Beach Dine
“ Disco on the beach - music pumping for a festive energetic vibe!”
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